Cert 15 89mins Stars 3

Get the weekend started with this British comedy horror which offers shots of gore, sex and humour in roughly equal measure.

Michael Socha plays an idiot jack–the–lad tries to engineer the loss of his mates virginity. Danny Morgan is the guileless soul who turns thirty the next day and  is routinely humiliated for his poor physical condition. 

The quest for casual sex leads them to a bar where they identify two sisters as suitable conquests.

Kelly Wenham is impressively ripped as a kick boxing vamp while Georgia Groome is the sweet and sensitive young siblingHowever the women have a butterfly fixation, daddy issues and their own agenda.

Soon events turn messy in a toxic rush of alcohol, drugs and violence, and complications arise when two of the four developing feelings for one another.

It’s much more than the town which ends up painted red in the energetic and bloody finale.


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