Cert 15 94mins Stars 3

Get back to nature and discover your inner pagan with this British supernatural horror.

Four middle aged mostly middle class friends go on a hiking holiday to northern Sweden, they’re on a guilt trip to honour a recently deceased friend.

It’s a majestically clean and beautiful landscape, chosen presumably because its remoteness denies the walkers access to the internet. When they’re forced off route it becomes a terrifying journey of self discovery.

Equipped with a low budget and lacking star power, they are possessed by a director intent on maximising his resources.

Spooky thrills are summoned by some cracking creature design, tremendous sound mixing and an interestingly prickly performance by Rafe Spall in the lead role. 

The script sticks to the  familiar path and sightseeing features a cabin in the woods, strange symbols carved on trees and grisly blood offerings. However by utilising local folklore we’re led to a satisfyingly dark psychological destination.

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