Cert 15 106mins Stars 3

Open your eyes to this intriguing British thriller which plays tricks on our perception.

It holds outlets our attention due to the astutely measured performance of Jasmine Hyde in the central role. As Gemma she’s a married mother who works as voice recording artist who specialises in audio books.

Her well heeled London life is shattered when her young son dies, and she begins to have panic attacks, incurring temporary blindness.

Desperate for respite she and her husband take up the kind offer of accommodation in a guest house in the Lake District.

With Hitchcock undertones full of paranoia, guilt, faith and obsession, there are also shades of 1970’s classic Don’t Look Now, and John Travolta’s 1981 thriller, Blow Out.

The cinematography creates a chilly look and the unsettling score twists the melancholy tone. Full of foreboding and a strong sense of creep though a little lacking in menace, it’s worth getting this seen.

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