Cert U 106mins Stars 3

Films featuring bulls are rare but this one is reasonable well done, so take a butchers at this enjoyably silly animation which has a strong Spanish flavour.

With its goofy characters and lively slapstick there’s no mis-steaking it’s from the same stable as the Ice Age franchise.

Former WWE wrestler John Cena voices a bull caught in the horns of a dilemma between his pacifist nature and his matador fighting physique.

As a calf Ferdinand was adopted by a farmers daughter. But now grown up there’s an incident in a china shop and he’s sent back his birth farm where the other bulls have an historic beef with him.

The beasts battle to take on a preening matador, very akin to turkeys voting for Christmas. However the unsuccessful ones are sent to be mincemeat at the local abattoir.

But it’s all sweet not scary and this will easily cut the mustard with kids too young to see Star Wars.

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