Cert 15 121mins Stars 2

This off target crime thriller is a monotonous and relentless blur of tough talk, copious tattoos, muscles and handlebar moustaches.

Underneath this is a self pitying white middle class fantasy of life in the wrong lane where the well bred idiot gets to be the hero.

Game Of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau glowers away as Jacob, a stockbroker who’s drink driving causes his life to spin in the wrong direction.

Spending over a decade in a maximum security prison, he reinvents himself as ruthless killer by joining a gang of white supremacists.

Once released he has to protect his family while setting up a major arms deal.

Omari Hardwick plays his sympathetic parole officer who’s offers of compromise are anathema to Jacob’s warrior code.

And poor Lake Bell has the thankless and miserable task of as Jacob’s long suffering ex-wife.

With its plodding pace, dull violence, painful dialogue and melancholy tone, this one is firing blanks.

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