Cert PG 74mins Stars 3

From the Himalayas, to the Grand Canyon and the Alps, this sky scraping documentary is a hymn to the majesty of mountains.

But as much as it soars with gorgeous vistas and the sublime music of Vivaldi, it crashes to earth whenever humans intrude.

Gravel voiced Willem Dafoe delivers a narration which explores humans relationship with mountains, It falls from profundity to trippy pretentiousness, and lacking facts or insight, it makes wild assumptions of our sympathies.

Plus there’s an odd nostalgia for a time when access to Mount Everest was exclusively for exploited locals and gentleman amateur climbers of the empire.

Astonishingly beautiful photography sits at odds with what at times seems a collection of YouTube clips or outtakes from the rubbish remake of extreme sports action thriller, Point Break.

The only thing bigger than the peaks are the towering egos of these self satisfied show offs who ski, cycle, free jump and occasionally face-plant from the precipices.

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