Cert 18 85mins Stars 1

This deathly dull and derivative slasher bravely ignores the tremendous creative resurgence horror films are enjoying.

Movies such as the Oscar nominated Get Out, and apocalypse creature feature, A Quiet Place, have generated big bucks from big thrills.

Instead this is relentlessly unimaginative,mindlessly mirthless and defiantly non-scary.

Plus it’s a great example of the cinematic rule of thumb, which advises avoiding films which are less than 90 minutes, as apart from early Disney cartoons, they’re rubbish.

This belated sequel to the barely remembered 2008 original, laughably claims to be based on true events. It sees an unsympathetic family terrorised by mask-wearing psychopaths in an out-of-season trailer park resort.

Christina Hendricks of TV’s Madmen fame, has had far better luck in tiny arthouse films than in mainstream movies. Her presence is wasted as the mother of two high school kids who I was happy to see tormented.

I’ll pray tonight and ask forgiveness for wasting my time watching this.


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