Cert 15 88mins Stars 4

Immerse yourself in black South African tribal culture with this eye watering and complex drama.

A group of adolescents initiates gather at a mountain camp to complete a traditional rite of passage, guided by experienced caregivers.

Though this all-male environment is awash with macho homophobic banter and bullying violence, the seclusion allows for closeted gay men to pursue secret trysts.

However sexual jealousy and frustration within a love triangle threatens the stability of those involved.

Filmed on beautiful locations with strong performances, it explores ideas manhood, loyalty and love are explored to the sound of campfire song and dance.

Tribal elders rue the increasing numbers of teenagers refusing to engage with the week-long and now controversial ritual, which Nelson Mandela endured.

As it involves a barbaric anaesthetic- free circumcision, fasting in a grass hut, cold water dips and the slaughter of goats, frankly I can’t blame the lads for staying home and playing video games.

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