Cert 12A 122mins Stars 2

Even though I’m a huge fan of two times Oscar winner Denzel Washington, I’m staggered he’s been nominated for his turn in this heavy-handed drama.

A spin on Dustin Hoffman’s character from 1988’s Rain Man, Washington plays plays the civil rights lawyer of the title, who is a savant with social difficulties.

Roman’s name is a broad clue to the films intent to offer a modern day parable, in which integrity and sacrifice can inspire ordinary people to achieve great change. 

There’s a hint of romance, uncomfortable moments of comedy and a brief foray into thriller territory.

Unconvinced and lacklustre throughout, it says a great deal about Hollywood if it imagines the world needs a lawyer to save it.

With Romans’ big hair, a bad suit and awkward social manner, I was distractedly reminded of Richard Ayoade’s character in TV sitcom, The IT Crowd. Which was always considerably more entertaining than this.

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