Cert U 85mins Stars 2

This is an unlooked for sequel to a best forgotten Spanish animated adventure.

Tad is a gormless archeology student, part-time construction worker and Indiana Jones wannabee,

Accompanied by a dog, a parrot and an ancient mummy dressed as Carmen Miranda, he blunders off in search off the magical collar of the mythic King Midas. 

Despite the mummy’s many manic declarations of everything being awesome, I was far from convinced.

Instead I found it provocatively wacky, unfunny and loud enough to wake the dead. And possibly even parents having a cheeky nap.

Meanwhile Tad’s love interest has been kidnapped by a limping villainous bad guy, who also wants the collar.

The globetrotting story is a trail of secret passages, underground tombs, creepy crawlies and the mangled debris of historical accuracy.

It rattles along at a rickety pace sufficient to distract younger kids with its knockabout slapstick. My advice would be to get lost before Tad unearths any more exploits.

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