Cert 15 110mins Stars 2

Despite some big names in the cast, there’s a lack of flair in all departments of this determinedly downbeat and dull urban drama.

And the novelty of seeing the city of Bradford on the big screen isn’t sufficient to recommend it.

Hollywood superstar Harvey Keitel must have been paid by the word for his brief appearance as Greek family man and billionaire businessman, Demi. 

Meanwhile Gabriel Byrne cuts a baleful figure as his loyal driver, drawn into the violent world of Demi’s beautiful British-Asian mistress, Amber.

She’s played by the hard working Australian actress Sibylla Deen who’s best known for her role in soap opera Home And Away. However along with much of the supporting cast, she typifies the TV production standards on show. Scriptwriter Ewen Glass previously worked on Hollyoaks.

Indian born and British-raised director Mitu Misra mixes arranged marriages, sexual abused and compromising videos into the plot, but never manages to generate any heat from his hot-button issues.

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