Cert 15 99mins Stars 4

This riotous knockabout comedy sees an evening in get wildly out of hand.

Super competitive couple Annie and Max and their friends are invited to his brother’s posh pad to take part in a murder mystery game night.

Rachel McAdams has huge success playing off Jason Bateman’s trademark straight bat comic delivery.

With the ownership of a sports car at stake to drive forward the plot, the rule book is thrown away when the boundaries are changed.

Along with sibling rivalry, sexual jealously and general stupidity, there is gamesmanship and sledging. And as at a 1980’s football match, the cops get involved as it descends into violence, anger, punch ups, and bloodshed.

The script is very aware of how nonsensical it all is and scores a high average of daft laughs, helped by an enthusiastic and energetic cast.

They’re all great sports but as their characters would agree, taking part is nearly as important as winning.



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