Cert 12A 104mins 1 Star

Billed as a comedy, this sedate road trip is a laugh free and terminally mawkish ride.

A pair of unhappy British pensioners strike out for the south of France, hoping for a second chance at life.

Joan Collins gives her all as she sends up her public persona. But it isn’t much of a stretch for the former Dynasty star to play a friendless and foul mouthed former Hollywood star.

Pauline Collins is her mousey, downtrodden companion. The game old girls have trouble with the satnav, drive on the wrong side of the road and so on.

We’re also treated to the sight of the arse of the old Italian rogue, Franco Nero. The film finds this incurably funny. He plays a wealthy widower, with a fancy for footloose English women.

Though aimed at the grey pound, the script frequently patronises its target audience. Everyone deserves better than this ITV sitcom-standard offering.

At the least the soundtrack was occasionally jolly.



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