Cert 18 118mins Stars 4

From the bullet ridden jail break to the blood soaked beach finale, this ferocious action thriller is a relentless jackhammer hammer of bone snapping violence.

Having washed up unconscious on the shore, Ishmael wakes up in hospital with scars but no memory.

Actor Iko Uwais is best known as Rama, the iron-fisted hero cop from the equally brutal, The Raid movies. Very soon it’s apparent he hasn’t been cast for his sweet smile or method acting.

Ishmael’s gorgeous doctor is kidnapped. In order to rescue her, he must confront his own secret past, the sinister Mr Lee, and an army of well groomed guards.

Full of rape, torture, child trafficking and execution, this is a mad mash up of monstrous martial art moves, machetes and machine guns.

It’s as punishing to watch as it must have been to perform. Plus it offers equal opportunity mayhem, with the girls being easily as nasty as the boys.




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