Cert PG 86mins Stars 1

Tone deaf humour and off-key animation characterise this incoherent and tuneless hymn to the unifying magic of music.

It’s a discordant mix of eastern mysticism, western music, Tibetan mountains, Texas accents, analogue technology and giant robot mice. The original songs are uninspired auto tuned pop rock.

Luke Wilson voices Bodi, a naive pup who leaves his village of sheep at the mercy of wolves to pursue dreams of stardom in the big city.

Narrator Sam Elliot riffs on his cowboy persona from The Big Lebowski, while Eddie Izzard channels his inner Osbourne as a thin white rock legend with a robot servant called Ozzie.

Bodi’s father is an incompetent disciplinarian who frowns on his son’s ambition and wants him to remain at home, working at the family firm.

Personally, the sooner my son leaves home on a tour bus to find fame, fortune and a mansion full of adoring groupies, the more proud I’ll be.


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