Cert 12A 101mins Stars 3

A high tolerance for sugary sentiment is essential to enjoy this syrupy custody battle.

The precocious, cute and extremely funny Mckenna Grace comprehensively upstages her far adult co-stars as seven year old, Mary.

On her first day at a new school, Mary is identified as being intellectually gifted at mathematics. But her guardian, Uncle Frank, just wants her to have an ordinary life. The pair have a winningly convincing chemistry.

Mary’s teacher unsurprisingly have the hots for Frank, who’s played by Chris Evans and best known for being Marvel’s Captain America. He probably gets turned down for Diet Coke adverts for being too ridiculously good looking. The git.

Waiting in court is Lindsay Duncan as Mary’s magnificently mean grandmother. She wants to send Mary to a special school so the child can achieve her full potential.

The script pounds your heartstrings, a famous maths theorem lurks uncompleted and the increasingly preposterous plot doesn’t add up.


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