Cert 12A 103mins Stars 3

Take a sunny stroll over the hill with this amiable odd couple romcom, inspired by a true story.

A pair of mature misfits begin an unlikely relationship in Hampstead, a leafy village for the rich which looks down on the city of London.

It’s here an elegant American widow and a down and out Dubliner struggle against evil property developers. Thye’re attempting to evict him from his shack, self built on the nearby heath.

Though the actors aren’t required to stretch themselves, Diane Keaton’s breezy comic presence contrasts nicely with Brendan Gleeson’s glowering demeanour.

Any sharp points the script may have made about pensioner poverty or the inequalities of the housing market are smoothed out in favour of light weight humour and a tourist friendly vision of the capital.

Hampstead is charming, competent and comfortable within its own boundaries, and unlike other films out this week, it has the virtue of succeeding in what it sets out to achieve.

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