Cert 12A 105mins Stars 1

The previous film by director Colin Trevorrow was the box office behemoth Jurassic World, and the next one will be Star Wars: Episode IX. It’s coming to a galaxy near you in 2019.

One was a monster hit and the other is as much as a guarantee as it’s possible to be. Which is just as well because this pet project of his is one of the mawkish and most misjudged movies of the year.

A shambles strewn with scenes of awful inappropriateness, it’s a coming of age fable for adults, a silly and sanctimonious ghost story, and a dull heist movie.

Henry is a gifted eleven year old and part time stock broker whose death leaves his mother distraught. However he’s left her a book of instructions with which she find solace and save the young girl next door from her wicked step uncle.

Rarely has a film so bonkers in concept has managed to be so boring and inept in execution.



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