Cert U 91mins Stars 1

I thought the recent reboot of National Lampoon’s Vacation set the all time low in family road trip comedies, but this car crash goes the extra mile.

Stockport-born director David Bowers has entirely recast his own franchise from 2012’s last instalment, and it’s poor Alicia Silverstone who suffers the most.

Her career may never to have recaptured the heights of 1996’s teen comedy Clueless, but it’s extremely upsetting to see it sink this far.

She plays the mother to wimpy boy Greg, who decides to take her husband and three sons on a road trip for their grandmother’s 90th birthday.

However the social media-addicted boys conspire to attend a video game convention instead.

Along the way they suffer cockroaches, a farting pig and projectile vomit. There’s an-in car karaoke scene featuring Wannabe by the Spice Girls, which is gnaw-your-own-leg-off painful.

It’s all as desperate as needing the toilet and knowing the next motorway services are 37 miles away.




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