Cert 12A 92mins Stars 3

I’m as far from a petrol head as it’s possible to imagine, but this motor-racing documentary kept me engrossed until the chequered flag.

It’s a celebration of Bruce McLaren who overcame a crippling childhood condition and through his driving exploits, became a national hero of his native New Zealand.

Though it races along in nostalgia tinted plumes of petrol smoke, there’s no denying his was a remarkable life. A passion for engineering fuelled his racing ambition and drove his success as a businessman.

Friends, family and competitors offer the personal detail we can’t glean from the footage of beautiful if alarmingly fragile looking cars.

Sadly the film travels unburdened with financial details, salacious pit gossip or much in the way of technical details.

McLaren’s untimely death behind the wheel arrived in 1970 at the horrifically young age of 32. The F1 team which he established and bears his name is his legacy to the sport he loved.


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