Cert 15 134mins Stars 4

Poverty, prejudice and PTSD are stuck in deep in this epic and moving period drama.

Sweeping landscapes and intimate voice overs are used to bring Hillary Jordan’s 2008 bestselling novel to life, which sees two families finding their fortunes yoked together across the racial divide.

Full of betrayal and violence the script navigates it’s way through the misery of the Mississippi mud, though green shoots of optimism are eventually found in the fertile soil.

Well crafted throughout, this is a prestige production by Netflix as the streaming service seek to add awards glory to their market influence, and so are releasing Mudbound in cinemas and online today.

Brit actress Carey Milligan takes top billing ahead of a strong male cast, and with female talent flourishes in the major departments of direction, script, editing, cinematography and music.

This sends a powerful message of empowerment to old Hollywood and its current troubles.

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