Cert 15 102mins Stars 4

From Twilight heartthrob to serious indie actor, Robert Pattinson’s ongoing mission to stretch his talent continues in this tense, sad, bleak, and blackly comic crime thriller.

Now aged 31 he brings a magnificent feral charisma to Connie, a sleep deprived desperado who has to raise $10,000 bail money to spring his mentally challenged brother from the notorious Riker’s Island prison.

Shooting on location in New York adds to the sense of urgency, while a strong 1980’s vibe is projected by the presence of Jennifer Jason Leigh, electric colour scheme, a synthesiser-heavy soundtrack and Pattinson’s bleach blonde hair.

Meanwhile the spirit of this character driven fraternal love story has undertones of classic 1970’s cinema such as Al Pacino’s Dog Day Afternoon.

The script by co-director Josh Safdie offers caustic comment on the ineffectual nature of government machinery, and how mainstream entertainment has always centred on violence and the macabre.

Far from a good time, I had a great time.


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