Cert 15 106mins Stars 4

The unwieldy title of this moving real life romantic drama refers in part to the reticence of actors to leave the limelight.

And true to form we have two headliners wrestling for the spotlight in this adaptation of Peter Turner’s touching memoir.

Veteran Annette Bening is terrific as the sexy and vulnerable Gloria Grahame, a 1950’s Oscar winner now eking a living on stage in northern England in 1981.

Falling ill Gloria seeks respite at the Merseyside family home of her former lover, Peter.

In flashback we see their romance begin with a brave invitation to dance from the 55 year old Gloria.

Especially as 26 year old Peter is played by the former Billy Elliot, Jamie Bell. The Teesside born star gives his most complete performance yet.

This is a rare excursion from the world of James Bond for producer Barbara Broccoli. Given Bell now has a physique to rival 007 Daniel Craig, maybe she was scouting for his replacement.



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