Cert 12A 93mins Stars 2

The curtain call can’t come quickly enough for this desperately disappointing finale to a joyfully entertaining musical comedy series, which is now sadly out of tune.

It’s a cynical Christmas cash-in greatest hits compilation from the Barden Bellas, the all-girl acapella competitive choir.

After the first two films whistled up an astonishing global total of £301m from a total budget of £35m, the idea of getting the band back together one last time must have sounded like sweet music.

But with the troupe having graduated university, the tone deaf scriptwriters has no idea what to do with them. So the Bellas are sent to Europe to entertain US troops where they resort to making knowing jokes about themselves, and become embroiled in an action adventure espionage plot.

 Anna Kendrick has a lovely deadpan delivery as the lead Bella, and Rebel Wilson provides a filthy tongue as fan favourite, Fat Amy. But sadly everything else bar the singing falls very flat.


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