Cert PG 94min Stars 1

The spirit of Bridget Jones lives on in this madly derivative and disposable shaggy dog story which is very much the runt of the British comedy litter.

Sarah is a London singleton who unexpectedly inherits a pug called Patrick from her wealthy grandmother.

However despite her reluctance and after recovering from a wave of canine chaos, Sarah finds her love life and career improving with Patrick around.

The likeable Beattie Edmondson might be a decent actress when not being asked to do a pale imitation of Renee Zellweger with substandard material.

In real life she’s the daughter of comedians Adrian Edmondson and Jennifer Saunders, with the latter bumbling about on screen as Sarah’s fellow teacher.

Unapologetically influenced by the work of Four Weddings writer, Richard Curtis, there are lots of posh people saying things such as ‘bonkers’ and calling each other ‘pudding’.

It even has the cheek to include a clip from his Notting Hill among all the desperate and predictable nonsense.

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