Cert 18 90mins Stars 2

This homage to 1980’s body horror flicks combines an old school style with new age nonsense, but fails to conquer the credibility gap.

A welcome throwback to classics such as The Thing and The Fly, but at times strays perilously close to unwitting parody instead.

While knife wielding cult members stalk the grounds of a small town hospital, the innocent citizens inside are terrorised by a shapeshifting beast.

It’s great to see physical special effects create the monster, which is a throbbing mass of tissue and tentacles.

However the good work is hamstrung by a small budget, and there’s a failure to compensate with either great writing or a sense of camp fun.

Alarmingly large plot holes lurk around every dark corner and preposterous dialogue such as ‘there are things older than time’ don’t help.

If you’re not in the mood for some gory face-ripping action, you’d probably best avoid.


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