Cert 15 106mins Stars 2

Misjudged, misfiring and overbearingly macho, this sci-fi action comedy sequel is easily the worst in the four strong franchise.

When a hi-tech alien hunter crash lands on Earth, a US mercenary and a scientist team up with war damaged army veterans to fight it.

The original 1987 classic was an allegory for the Vietnam war and a blockbuster smash. It was directed with brio by John ‘Die Hard’ McTiernan, and fortified by the commanding presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

There’s no-one of his statue here, and the last film of new writer and director, Shane Black, The Nice Guys, was a box office bomb.

In his typical self back-slapping style Black mixes blood-splatting violence with boring banter-heavy bromance while casually exploiting Tourette’s Syndrome for cheap laughs.

His workaday storytelling isn’t helped by the studio cutting a scene after Black cast a friend who was a registered sex offender, and failed to inform his bosses, or the unfortunate female lead, Olivia Munn.




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