Cert 15 104mins Stars 2

This British action thriller could be renamed Die Hard in a Football Stadium, but it’s second division entertainment.

Dave Bautista plays a former US soldier who arrives in the East End of London to take his surrogate niece to a European football match, only to become embroiled in a terrorist plot. 

The actor is best known as Drax in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy francise, and he’s recently made headlines for blasting bosses for their sacking of the sci-fi series’ director, James Gunn.

Bog-standard Russian separatists are searching for Pierce Brosnan’s former revolutionary leader, and they’ve rigged the stadium to explode on the final whistle.

All the action such as it is takes place at West Ham United’s beloved former ground, the Boleyn, a venue they left in reality over two years ago.

I’m not sure which bit of plotting is more ridiculous, Batista jumping a motorbike from one grandstand roof to another, or the Hammer’s playing European football.

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