Cert 15 86mins Stars 2

Despite the intriguing premise of this supernatural horror, the rigor mortis it reveals will leave you bored not scared stiff.

Following a multiple homicide, a local cop deposits the cadaver of an unidentified and beautiful young woman in the care of the local mortuary.

Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch are curiously cast as the father and son owners. And as the girlfriend, Ophelia Lovibond completes the trio of underwritten characters.

They’re tasked with establishing the cause of death of the mysterious ‘Jane Doe’, and begin to take her apart in order to piece together a picture of her life .

There’s an enjoyable reliance on old school effects such as smoke, mirrors, prosthetics and and sound effects. But sadly the most scary aspect of this poorly thought out exercise is the alarming lack of narrative vigour. And it’s painfully obvious where it’s all headed.

Jane Doe is probably best left dead and buried.

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