Cert 15 94mins Stars 1

Unintentionally funny and fist-bitingly terrible throughout, this sub-James Bond action thriller featuring the commando Special Boat Service is a washout. It serves to remind us just how excellent the 007 films are.

Director Simon West arms his cast with a laughably wet script, so it’s little wonder so many performances flounder.

As SBS Sergeant Stratton, the unfortunate Dominic Cooper is chasing a terrorist armed with stolen chemical weapons. The British actor was a replacement for Superman’s Henry Cavill, who sensibly dropped out at the last minute.

Connie Nielsen is a treadmill pounding ‘M’ figure with an alarming accent who is concerned about a leak inside MI6 which is gushing information to the other side.

While Gemma Chan who is very good as a robot in TV’s Humans, gives another robotic performance here as a technical geek.

In one scene a group of Italians ignore the gunfight going on outside to focus on the football. Sensible types, those Italians.



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