Cert 15 109mins Stars 4

Everyone make some noise for this invigorating low budget rap drama straight outa New Jersey.

This confident and coarse debut from director Geremy Jasper is a familiar story of an aspiring young singer chasing dreams of superstardom.

However the fresh faces of its mixed race rap group with a plus-sized female lead singer give it an endearing vitality.

For all it’s abundant energy, grim location and abrasive language it’s a sweet natured tale of reconciliation.

Music is used to build bridges between generations of family, narrow the racial divide and cross the chasm spanning dreams and harsh reality.

Though predominantly rap based, in various ways the script invokes the musical history of New Jersey, from Sinatra to Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi.

Aussie actress Danielle Macdonald gives a killer performance as self styled Patti Cake$, who works two jobs to support her all female family.

She’s a long way from pitch perfect, but she and her band are vigorous in using anger as an energy.


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