Cert U 72mins Stars 3

Wrap yourself up in this warm comfort blanket of a cartoon, aimed with gentle accuracy at the CBeebies crowd.

It’s inventive, charming, and has some sweet songs to jolly the slight story along. There’s a vaguely Sergeant a Pepper vibe to the animation, but lacks the potent menace of the magnificent Blue Meanies.

A green and yellow dragon type of monster, Molly is friendly, brave, kind, and clever.

Left at home when her parents set off to egg island, she decides to follow them, taking only her blue clockwork pet, Edison, for company.

The delightfully absurdist landscape is populated with various quirky creatures to assist along the way. Plus there are mechanical contraptions which would delight Heath-Robinson.

Based on the whimsical books of Swiss illustrator, Ted Sieger, this children’s animation is a quirky affair which tootles along at a soft and pleasant pace.

There’s nothing here to frighten your little monsters.


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