Cert 12A 104mins Stars 2

A strong stomach is required for this metaphysical hospital melodrama, which has the sterile feel of a feature length advert for organ donors.

When an extreme sports loving teenager suffers terminal brain damage, his organs are made available for donation. Simon’s surfing scenes are the hypnotic highlight.

With its tastefully torpid and lily-livered bedside manner, the drama fails to generate any meaty anger or bile.

With a soundtrack of irritating piano noise, bridges are a metaphor for the way people connect, and water is shorthand for the spirit world.

Imagining itself to be a hymn to the oneness of humanity, the script stitches together class, gender and sexual orientation.

But the film’s brain never realises how token Asian and black characters are lumped together in the background, and the working class suffer so the artistic middle class can live.

I’m far from convinced this film’s heart and head are in the right place.

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