Cert 15 74mins Stars 1

Take a trip to south London and experience the worst kind of indulgent, inarticulate, and incontinent film-making.

In a self appointed challenge to explore the affect of gentrification on the borough of Brixton, first time writer and director Saloo Amoo director makes many assumptions.

Such as the audience having a knowledge of the history, politics, and social makeup of the area.

He fails to make a case that gentrification has occurred, or even it is undesirable. And his greatest mistake is to assume anyone outside of London cares.

Instead of offering us a compelling drama or well researched documentary, we’re provided with a tedious lump of impressionist moments.

These typically feature gigs, pop up art installations, street parties and random residents ranting about coffee shop proliferation.

Various young attractive arty types sit in a massive warehouse loft, drink wine and film each other. This is Brixton. And you’re welcome to it.

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