Cert 15 90mins Stars 1

Feuding teachers prepare to square up in this witless high school comedy.

It stars the squeaky voiced and agitated irritant, Charlie Day, as a mild-mannered English teacher who spends the last day of term trying to avoid a physical confrontation with his combative colleague.

Before the big bout he must attend a job interview with the school board and his daughters talent show. Also, his wife is heavily pregnant.

Ice Cube scowls as his opponent, the grudge holding history teacher. When the former gangsta rapper invokes his most notorious lyric, ‘F*** the police’, he completes his sad cultural journey to cuddly and establishment friendly, pantomime villain.

Since the highpoint of TV’s Madmen, the career of Christina Hendricks continues to unravel. Having demeaned herself in last years Bad Santa 2, she appears here as demented drama teacher.

With no ‘F’ in laughter, Fist Fight scores a ‘Z’ for humour, and everyone involved in this debacle deserves double detention.


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