Cert 12A 99mins Stars 1

There’s little fun to be found as Mancunian muslims go looking for love in this laugh free romcom.

A sincere debut film by writer and director Oz Arshad, it’s keen to highlight the broad diversity among British muslims.

And there’s an honesty in demonstrating they’re as pompous, stupid, class conscious, and obsessed with talent shows, as anyone else in the UK.

Plus there’s no faulting the energy of the cast who gamely attempt to breathe life into the inert script. But their best efforts are undermined by a lack of visual flair and weak production values.

Shahid is a 30 year old divorcee whose printing business is going bust. But his life seems to turn for the better when he meets Fatimah via a Muslims-only dating app.

Danny Ashok and Asmara Gabrielle are endearing and attractive actors. But their characters have far more chemistry and affection with their respective families than they ever do with each other.



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