Cert 12A 96mins Stars 3

This disease-of-the-week coming of age mixed race romance is an exercise in tasteful restraint.

Glossy, charming, sweet and unthreatening, Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson are the fresh faced clean cut 18 year olds. 

Maddy suffers from an auto immune deficiency and lives a life of luxurious captivity with no practical knowledge of life or love until Olly the hot young hunk moves in next door.

She dreams of plunging into the ocean with wild passionate abandon, almost as if it’s a metaphor for sex or something.

Of course they can’t touch never mind kiss, so they have an online flirtation while being presumably the only non–sexting adult teens in the US.

Additional  impediments to true love are her seriously over-protective mother and his abusive father.

Despite taking massive gamble with our tolerance for plot twists, this wish fulfilment fantasy will allow a self indulgent wallow for young teenage girls suffering summer holiday lovesick  blues.


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