Cert PG 97mins Stars 4

There’s no shelter from the weather bomb of climate change evidence in this persuasive documentary as it’s makes an impassioned plea for a switch to renewable energy.

The thunder of science and the deluge of frightening footage make for a terrifying watch.

With Greenland now alarmingly green not icy white, God fearing former US Vice President Al Gore is evangelical in his mission to cut carbon emissions in order to reduce climate change and save the planet.

His Oscar winning documentary a decade ago resulted in a noble prize and now Gore is back to remind us there’s still lots of work to be done.

On his globetrotting lecture tour to mobilise a grassroots movement against the fossil energy industry, he likens his crusade to that of the suffragettes and the 1960’s civil rights movement of Martin Luther King.

If Donald Trump’s nuclear threats don’t destroy us all, his decision to renege on 2016’s Paris Agreement probably will.


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