Cert 15 100 minutes Stars 1

The 1980s TV show about motorbike cops has been remodelled as a comedy. And the result is a car crash.

Though it doesn’t take itself seriously, it isn’t clever enough to mock its own stupidity or the ridiculousness of the old shows. Instead it delivers a wreck of vehicle porn, extreme sport fetish, and limp jokes. With added explosions.

An off-the-shelf plot sees an undercover FBI agent investigating corruption in the California Highway Patrol police department.

Michael Pena plays sex obsessed agent Frank Poncherello who is teamed up with over eager new recruit, Jon Baker.

He’s played by Dax Shephard, who is also the writer, director and producer. So we all know who to blame. He even finds a bimbo role for his wife. Which is nice of him. This is action movie road kill in stuck in a comedy cul de sac.

CHiPs is remarkable only for its leering sexism and its woeful inability to make you laugh.


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