Cert 12A 116mins Stars 1

This brain-numbingly awful re-imagining of my favourite legendary outlaw is a mythological medieval mess.

A shoddy riff on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight, it sacrifices coherent fun for blundering action and a grab-bag of styles, and feels as if it’s been adapted from a Batman video game.

The plot at least is familiar with Robin returning to Nottingham from the Crusades to find his mansion destroyed and the peasants taxed to high heaven.

Whether Lord of Locksley or the outlaw known as ‘the Hood’, Taron Egerton’s geezerish Robin is smug and charmless as the Kingsman star fails to convince as either to the manor born, or an inspirational man of the people.

Meanwhile Eve Howson, the daughter of U2 singer, Bono,  plays Marion, and struggles with everyone to rise above the woeful script.

Unfathomably stupid and unforgivably dull, it’s an abomination worse than Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur, and as bad as 2015’s Assassin’s Creed, wildly misfiring and always off target.

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