Cert 15 90mins Stars 3

There’s an unexpected gentleness to this charming and life-affirming British comedy thriller which finds death is very much a laughing matter.

Aneurin Barnard gives a thoughtful and deadpan performance as a depressed writer called William, who employs Tom Wilkinson’s avuncular assassin to kill him within the week.

The hitman himself has his own concerns and is resisting retirement, something he regards as a death sentence.

However when Freya Mavor’s attractive literary agent shows an interest in William’s work he rediscovers the will to live, but he has to run for his life in order to beat the deadline on his contract.

Former Dr Who Christopher Eccleston shows his gift for comedy as the foulmouthed head of the Assassin’s Guild, who has to ensure the small print is executed.

Debut director Tom Edmunds fills his script with wry observational humour and is emphatic on living for the day because after all, none of us are getting a refund.

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