Cert 12A 95mins Stars 3

This entertaining odd couple comedy takes an affectionate delight in the quirks and eccentricities of modern life as it cheerily explores British attitudes to race and disability.

Antonio Aakeel and Jack Carroll star as hapless half-brothers and the title refers to how the death of Jack’s parents was reported in the media.

Distraught by the death of their beloved and formidable Gran who’s played by Stephanie Fayerman in flashback, they decide to find Omar’s long absent father and the Bradford duo head off to Blackpool.

Johnny Vegas as a grubby guest house owner greets them sporting an alarming gold lame dressing gown, and the squabbling siblings’ detective work leads them to gatecrash an engagement party, which leads to scenes of sniggering embarrassment.

Written and directed by Jason Wingard and based on his award winning short film, this is sweet and silly, with engaging performances, plus it fully exploits the comic potential of Chesney Hawkes single, ‘I am the one and Only.’

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