Cert 15 99mins Stars 3

Parents trying to party down with the kids is always mortifying to teenagers but are rarely as terrifying than in this fun and functional revenge driven high school horror.

Another bloody and low-budget shocker by the makers of The Purge franchise, it’s a grab bag of drunk teens, public humiliation, sexual assault and torture.

It’s headed up by Octavia Spencer who leads the game young cast in a merry dance, and is supported by stalwart performers such as Juliette Lewis and Luke Evans.

Spencer plays a veterinary nurse suffering a serious case of arrested development who attempts to curry the favour of local teens when she puts the basement of her remote house at their disposal for illicit parties.

In an entertaining change of pace from the wise motherly types she more frequently portrays, Spencer is having a great time teasing out her inner psycho.

Though the eye watering violence is late to the party, they provide a fresh impetus just as the flagging party needs it the most.




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