THE COMMUTER Cert 15 Running time 104 minutes Stars 4

Rattle along with Liam Neeson in this express thriller.

Including 2014’s entertaining airline action movie, Non-Stop, it’s the grizzled Irishman’s fourth film with Spanish director, Jaume Collet-Serra.

With knowing nods to work of Alfred Hitchcock, a keen sense of paranoia underpins the hefty leading man performance, whistle stop storytelling and knuckle cracking fist fights.

Neeson plays Mike, a newly unemployed insurance salesman taking the train home to his loving wife and family.

Vera Farmiga is the glamorous femme fatale who offers to pay Mike $100,000 to find a fellow passenger, but won’t say why.

She’s part of a criminal conspiracy which pits society’s little guys against each other in a desperate duel in the pursuit of cash.

Following this pointed critique of capitalism, the script argues there are more noble contributions to be made to society than living life as a wage slave.

Add in some terrific popcorn thrills and it makes for a very tasty ticket.

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