COCO Cert PG Running time 105 minutes Stars 4

There’s plenty of snap, crackle and pop in Pixar’s latest animated family adventure.

Bursting with warmth and life it’s a musical feast of fun celebrating the Mexican feast of the day of the dead.

When twelve year old Miguel ignores his family’s wishes, he’s accidentally transported to the land of the dead, a mesmerising neon wonderland.

In grave danger, Miguel must find a way back to land of the living before sunrise or be stuck there forever. 

Miguel is helped on his journey by a goofy spirit guide called Dante, and Hector, a skeletal guitar player.

Music and memory are mixed in the magical song Remember Me, totally in tune the film’s message of remembering and respecting our forebears.

One of many elements paying respectful homage to Mexican culture, contributing to Coco becoming the country’s biggest box office hit.

And Pixar’s family fun continues in June, with the super-powered sequel, The Incredibles 2.


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