WONDER Cert PG Running time 113 minutes Stars 4

Young actor Jacob Trembley followed up his turn in 2015’s astonishingly powerful drama, Room, with the wildly misjudged Book Of Henry.

He’s back on winning form in this uplifting adaptation of R.J. Palacio best selling 2012 novel. 

Ten year old Auggie is disfigured by a medical condition and consequent corrective procedures, though he still has a straighter nose than the actor who plays his dad.

Owen Wilson’s broken nose aside, casting him and Julia Roberts as Auggie’s loving parents seems an act of cruel trolling, in a ‘look at what you could have won’ scenario.

Auggie starts a new school where he is bullied, meanwhile his older sister who has her own issues.

In the era of cyberbullying the film’s message of accepting people for who they are is worth repeating.

Wonder is sentimental and more sweetly engaging than I’m prepared to admit to enjoying, and fans of the book will probably think it’s wonderful.

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