LOVE IS THICKER THAN WATER Cert 15 Running time 105 minutes Stars 2

The title of this twee and melancholy romance is very bit as revealing as that of 2013’s war drama, Lone Survivor.

It’s supposedly based on Romeo and Juliette. At least Shakespeare put barriers in way of true love, such as vengeful gangs of sword wielding hooligans.

There’s no such joy here and the script is so devoid of ideas it hurriedly bumps off two characters so the central pair have something new to bicker about. 

Lydia Wilson and Johnny Flynn manage to hold our attention as star-crossed lovers Vide and Arthur. She is a rich Jewish Londoner and he is the son of a former Port Talbot steelworker.

Their characters have already met when film begins, so we slowly endure their relationship fraying as their families interact.

Whatever scant interest or sympathy you may dredge up for the pair is probably determined by which side of the social fence you’re peering over.

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