TMNT2: Out Of The Shadows

Director: Dave Green (2016)

Get your nunchuks at the ready as the four pizza loving and crime fighting turtles leap into the limelight with a surprisingly improved sequel to 2014’s rubbish reboot.

It’s a violent comic book adventure full of knowingly stupid fun, manic energy and big budget special effects spectacle.

Arch-enemy master criminal Shredder escapes prison and plans to rule the world by building an inter dimensional teleportation device and importing a giant, flying, self assembling mega weapon.

It’s up to the turtles to stop the invasion, embrace their true selves and win public acceptance. Awww.

There’s explosions, car crashes, martial arts moves, a punk haired rhino henchman and the best squid-brained robotic super villain ever seen in the cinema.

The abs, thighs, boobs and immobile forehead of Megan Fox returns as human sidekick April O’Neil, who only remembers she’s a news reporter at the end of the film.



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