Black Mountain Poets

Director: Jamie Adams (2016)

This rambling comedy has the Welsh mountains echoing to the sound of offbeat poetry – but not much laughter.

Alice Lowe and Dolly Wells bicker sweetly  as neurotic sisters who go on the run after failing to steal a JCB. One is aggressively rampant and the other uptight and longing for children.

They steal the identities and car of a pair of poets and hide out at a remote retreat where oddball poets are gathering for a weekend of inspiration.

Tom Cullen’s hunky Richard proves dexterous with his tent pole, leading to some midnight tent hopping.

There’s a large cash prize for the best beat poem and to stand a chance of winning the girls must discover their muse before the police arrive.

It’s edited, photographed and performed with the same improvised rhythm of the freestyle poetry readings.

Nicely turned moments of reflection are overwhelmed by an over reliance on attempts at humorous embarrassment and oneupmanship.

The game cast perform outdoors where the freezing wet weather puts a dampener on the the scripts attempt at a lyrical finale.




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