The Forest

Director: Jason Zada (2016)

There’s a cabin in the woods and paranormal activity occurs in the fog, but this supernatural horror contains meagre thrills.

When American teacher Jess is presumed dead in a supposedly haunted Japanese forest, her twin sister Sara is convinced she’s alive and sets out to find her.

Natalie Dormer is great in both roles which allow her to be intelligent and resourceful, to howl like a banshee and in a brief flashback banter with herself.

She hooks up with Taylor Kinney’s expat journalist Aiden, and Yukiyoshi Ozawa’s Forest guide Michi who help her in her hunt.

Aokigahara Forest lies at the base of Mt. Fuji and is a location of ancient and mystical beauty.

Oozing atmosphere and flesh eating maggots by day, at night it’s a very crowded place indeed.

A shame the script couldn’t find something more ghoulish to populate it.



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